…IT HAS NOT COME BACK…it will not come back…

I’ve been around for a little over 25 years now-not too long. As with all, I was taught the basics of knowledge through grade school on up to a college diploma. That said, what I consider the most priceless and precious awareness I have learned did not come through the mouths of my teachers. You’ve heard it before and I’ve heard it before: “you learn from life’s lessons, not from textbooks.” The question is: when does that saying become more than just a saying?

It happens when you realize your paycheck disappears; it happens when your marriage falls apart but you still hold on to love; it happens when you dedicate your heart, soul and life’s work to your passion and it is ripped away; it happens when your parents die and you lose the comfort in their voice; it happens after the dull crunch and brilliant shattering of steel and glass over the yellow stripe; it happens when you are diagnosed with a disease—any disease. At what age? Different for everyone. To be honest, sometimes never for the lucky few… Can you think of when it happened to you?

At 25, I’m just starting to digest these lessons. They may seem depressing but if you break them down, shine them up and really think, you can pull some gleaming jewels from the mess. It’s that simple. Mourn for the loss, but think of how you can use that to be a better person, be a better brother, be a better friend and a better husband. A depressing and life changing moment DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR LIFE unless you—and you alone—give it the power.

Yes, I’m only 25. I have seen all of the above happen to people so close to me it burns my throat and makes my blue eyes turn red. I have had cancer. I have lost my leg. I was put under and scarred to have a chunk of my lung removed. I have been dealing with the after-effects for over 2 and a half years. But as of Monday, October 27th, 2008, I was scanned and IT HAS NOT COME BACK. It will not come back. If it does, I know how to fight it…but, to be honest—that’s a battle I can leave behind me for now…forever.

and after all this I wish it was summer again…onward!

buffalo river state park, mn, 2008
buffalo river state park, mn, 2008

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