Hey everybody, let’s count!

I’ve decided this update will be your math lesson for the day:

I had my gallbladder out at around 2:30PM on friday…finally free of all that bad business! I’m nursing (or should I say lib is nursing) the four holes in my belly. These new additions increase the scars on my chest and stomach to a grand total of nine.

I have four from the gallbladder, three from my wedge resection (lung surgery), and two from my port-a-cath from chemo.

Out of my newest battle wounds the biggest incision is right in the top of my belly button and has six staples. Moving up my chest three inches, the next site has four staples. Those two are the most painful and are fairly sore. Halfway between my belly button and my right side hosts the other two cuts. The top one has two staples and the one immediately below it has four. They don’t hurt much at all.

That totals 16 staples in my four incisions (if I’ve utilized my college degree properly), and the first time in all my surgeries that I’ve had staples. My nurses found it odd that the doc actually put in staples. I guess not too many are used in this day and age.

I’ll have those out next wednesday and then I’ll be good as new (sans gallbladder, of course)!


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