this gallbladder has got to go.

I spent most of yesterday in the ER at Innovis here in Fargo. I awoke wednesday with my gallbladder pain more excruciating than ever. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore so I went in. After a total of five and a half hours I finally finished meeting with a surgeon.

He said he could take out my gallbladder on Friday (tomorrow)–fantastic news! Enter the rain clouds—come to find out this afternoon that hospital policy has a 72 hour waiting period between meeting a doc and having surgery, unless life threatening.

They scheduled me for NEXT friday, the 16th, all the while reiterating the fact that, if I can’t handle the pain, I should come into the ER. Well, duh, I already did that. I’m just glad this isn’t universal health care, as I’d probably still be waiting in the ER for an appointment in four months!

At least I don’t have cancer again :)


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