Lots of exciting news!

First off-welcome to my new little nephew, christopher glen larson! He’s a great looking little man and I’m elated to have a nephew after 13 years of having nieces [who are growing up!].  Congratulations kathy, chadd, ashly–now a bigger family!

I will be giving two presentations, both free and open to the public, on Monday, March 30th at LAHS! One at 2:30PM with a second to follow at 7:00PM, each about an hour long. I’ve received (and STILL receive) support and well wishes from so many people in Langdon that I want to come and give you my first person account of the struggles and battles my family and I faced while I was sick and fighting for my life. I’m extremely, extremely excited!

The website re-design is coming along, lib is doing a great job! The best feature will be the ability of you all to post comments and create forums…

Work is still going great, we are in the close-to-the-end-of-the-year crunch (our year ends in June), so the team is feeling some pressure. Lib is also enjoying her new job in grand-forks, although I think she’s getting bored with the commute every morning!

If you are in Fargo on April 7th, please please please go out and support GO STEVE JONES as they are in the final round of the Q98 Battle of the Bands.  Good luck dudes!

Oh yeah, lest I forget, in health news: I have scans on April 27th (CT, echo and x-rays of my residual limb)…more good news ahead!