oh thriving economy, where art thou?

It’s been a long time! I hope everyone had a fun Christmas and enjoyed the time with family and friends.

lib and persy, fargo nd, 2008
lib and persy, fargo nd, 2008

As with a lot of families, our life has been a bit turbulent as of late. The company that lib worked for, psa mags, laid off 24 people over the course of a month. After almost 3 years of loyal service, she was a casualty. On to bigger and better things! (The link to the in-forum article will only be active for a few days. They only allow people to view articles for up to seven days.)

I have an interesting update on my leg, and it’s quite comical! Due to the intricacies of the C-leg, it has a warranty. One stipulation of that warranty requires me to send it in for maintenance once a year- an oil change, if you will! Among other things, they replace bearings, swap out the fluid and test the computer chip. The loaner leg I was given (yes, loaner leg-kind of like the dumpy Ford Taurus you get when your car is in the shop!) has massive wear-and-tear, and functions slightly different than mine. It took a few days to get used to the swing and resistance of the new leg, even though all the options were set identical to mine.

I’ve included some pictures.

I’m going to start speaking publicly more often, and I’m going to come to Langdon the first half of this year to tell my story to all that supported me during the tough times. I will advertise as much as possible and it will be open to the public. More info to come as I know more. I’ve booked one more speaking engagement and have started discussions for others. I’m working with lib and Jay Peltier to make this happen–he is a great guy and amazing to work with. I met Jay at NDSU through Blue Key and have stayed great friends since!

Look for a complete overhaul concerning the design and layout of gosteve, as we are going to bring in more functions, different features such as posting comments, more pictures and an overall professional feel. Lib will work her magic and produce a great site. I’m excited!