Hey everybody, let’s count!

I’ve decided this update will be your math lesson for the day:

I had my gallbladder out at around 2:30PM on friday…finally free of all that bad business! I’m nursing (or should I say lib is nursing) the four holes in my belly. These new additions increase the scars on my chest and stomach to a grand total of nine.

I have four from the gallbladder, three from my wedge resection (lung surgery), and two from my port-a-cath from chemo.

Out of my newest battle wounds the biggest incision is right in the top of my belly button and has six staples. Moving up my chest three inches, the next site has four staples. Those two are the most painful and are fairly sore. Halfway between my belly button and my right side hosts the other two cuts. The top one has two staples and the one immediately below it has four. They don’t hurt much at all.

That totals 16 staples in my four incisions (if I’ve utilized my college degree properly), and the first time in all my surgeries that I’ve had staples. My nurses found it odd that the doc actually put in staples. I guess not too many are used in this day and age.

I’ll have those out next wednesday and then I’ll be good as new (sans gallbladder, of course)!


waiting for another surgery

I’ll find out on thursday between 1 and 3 what time my surgery will be on friday. I’m pretty excited to get this done and in my past.

The pain has been coming and going, it wasn’t too bad for about 2 days but now it’s been rough in the mornings again.

Not much else has been going on…no news is good news though!

If you see my parents you can wish them each a happy birthday, they both had theirs in the last week and a half. My dad is a year older and my mom is a year younger!


this gallbladder has got to go.

I spent most of yesterday in the ER at Innovis here in Fargo. I awoke wednesday with my gallbladder pain more excruciating than ever. I decided I couldn’t take it anymore so I went in. After a total of five and a half hours I finally finished meeting with a surgeon.

He said he could take out my gallbladder on Friday (tomorrow)–fantastic news! Enter the rain clouds—come to find out this afternoon that hospital policy has a 72 hour waiting period between meeting a doc and having surgery, unless life threatening.

They scheduled me for NEXT friday, the 16th, all the while reiterating the fact that, if I can’t handle the pain, I should come into the ER. Well, duh, I already did that. I’m just glad this isn’t universal health care, as I’d probably still be waiting in the ER for an appointment in four months!

At least I don’t have cancer again :)


What a weekend!

You said it Steve, what a weekend! Good and bad. First we went to a twins game on saturday evening [yea, they won and we were in the fourth row]…but only after our car broke down.

So there we are- broken down in the cities and all with work, finals or little ones waiting for us the next day. It turned out semi-ok, as a few made it back to fargo to take care of business. I sure hope the car gets fixed tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting my gallbladder out within the next few days (if I get my way) because it’s been hurting consistently during the day [all day] and especially when I try to get some of what the truckers call ‘shut eye’, [properly pronounced “shoot aye”]. The dull but frequent short-time INTENSE pain sure makes it tricky to get comfortable enough to catch the sandman. Anyone have his cell number? He’s a slippery fellow…

I’ve made it a personal goal to only complain when absolutely necessary, and I do find it necessary to let you know about my gallbladder. It will be about the same laparoscopic operation as my wedge resection…so I have another two weeks of the colorful sliding pain scale of post-operation to look forward to!


starting to write bits and pieces…

After years of thought and slight procrastination, I’ve decided to start writing bits and pieces of my story from my point of view. The ultimate goal would be to compile my anecdotes into one long, arduous and hopefully inspiring tale of pain, hope and persistence.

I am open to writing about anything that I’ve experienced–anything–so if you are intrigued by a certain part of my story PLEASE write me so I know where to focus my attention. If my cancer battle was the mighty Red River, I need your help to siphon it to only the pure and drinkable water as to not waste any of our time.