24 month check-ups

My 24 month checkups are scheduled for February 11. I will have a CT at 9 am followed by a visit (and a cancer-free scan reading) with my oncologist. Then onward to the cardiologist at 1:40. If the echo goes well I won’t need her care anymore. The heart tests would subsequently be carried on by my oncologist.

-If I’m clear (which I will be) my checkups will be less frequent; from every six month to every 12. Yes!

The first is always the worst…

The speech at Blue Key Nationals went very well. I was very excited, nervous and scared to see how it would turn out. It is emotionally draining to pour over all the pictures and stories, the memories and the pain of what happened. The first time is always the worst, but this one turned out to be the greatest. I spoke for nearly an hour, laying out my struggle, telling others what I’ve learned and answering some amazing questions.

Speaking of Blue Key, the chapter at Truman State in Missouri is holding a blood drive on February 7 & 8 on their campus. If you are anywhere near, please please go donate and help out. Blood is hard to come by and many don’t know the dire need. It saved my life-I alone recieved 42 units throughout my treatments. Without it I wouldn’t be here. Again, if you can, please donate your blood and time to make their drive successful in saving lives!

I was cast for another socket today. My limb is still shrinking, but slower now. If you don’t know, residual limbs tend to hold fluids and get larger. As soon as the stump is exposed to the constant pressure and compression of the socket, it begins to shrink. As it shrinks, the socket doesn’t fit and I can’t walk properly. Eventually the limb shrinks so much that you need a new, smaller socket. I am working on my fifth socket because my limb has compressed itself so much. I will have a new one in a week or so.

plethora of emotions…

I’ll be giving a keynote address for the Blue Key Honor Society National Conference on Saturday, January 19th. It will be my first time giving a ‘real’ speech on my battle, and it’s brought back a plethora of emotions I haven’t had to deal with.

I am walking!! (since May) but I’m on my third socket, trying to stabilize the size of my limb so I can get back to therapy and maybe even get rid of my cane! I’m thinking about getting one with flames, what do you think?

NDSU commencement last December signaled the end to my undergraduate life…now can I just find a job?