I can start walking…at least that’s what they tell me!

On Monday, Feb 5th I was scheduled for my 1 year post chemo checkups. I had CT scans on my chest, a bone scan over my entire body and some x-rays taken of my stump. I also met with the prosthetist. The results came back better than I could have ever imagined.The CT was clear as was the bone scan-no sign of anything that shouldn’t be there! When Dr. Cheng looked at the x-rays of my stump, he also had good news. I heard the words I have been waiting 17 months to hear…you can start walking with your leg!!! I need to use a single crutch or cane for the first month, but as soon as my skill level is high enough I don’t need any extra support. He said the bone has healed, but is very weak. He compared what’s left of my femur to that of a 70 year old in strength. I was told that in time it would become strong enough again. I now need to find a therapist who not only has worked with above the knee (AK) amputees, but with the C-leg. The leg is so developed that it has tricks and quirks that I will need to be taught. I’ve only been more excited about one thing in my life, and that’s Libby (of course).

I’m on campus a lot this semester, as I have 16 credits. I achieved a 3.75 last semester, so I feel my brain has recovered from all the things they pumped into me over the last year. Now if only we had that wedding planned…

Look for updates in the future as I move ahead with rehab.