(mom [carla])

Since so many of you continue with love and support concerning Steve, I felt the need to update. Steve participated in the Relay for Life both at NDSU and hometown Langdon. How exciting to see the support for the American Cancer Society.

Steve continues to doctor in Minneapolis with frequent visits there. He looks like Steve again with good color in his cheeks and a full head of hair (no-it did not grow back curly-we will leave the curls to Libby!!) His last scans shows that he is a NERD! And that is a good thing-NERD stands for no evidence of recurrent disease! Steve does experience nausea and vomiting some days, but as his digestive system continues to heal hopefully that will keep improving. His heart function at his last test was within normal readings.

Steve is taking 12 credits at NDSU this semester and is participating in some Blue Key, ATO fraternity, and GOB activities. He is tired but it takes a lot of effort to maneuver those crutches!! He does have his prosthetic leg but can’t really use it yet until he has the OK for full weight bearing. His stump causes considerable pain as it is still healing.

We are so proud of Steve and his willingness to get back to classes. He has already fought many battles and won! More exciting news is that Steve and our angel Libby set their wedding date for next summer!

We have GoSteve beanies available as well as a new shipment of GoSteve shirts. The beanies are in both Fargo and Langdon and the shirts are all in Fargo but we will have some in Langdon next week.

Words cannot express how much your caring means to all of us. We are so grateful it is NOW and look forward to even better days ahead.