(mom [carla])

This is the day we have been waiting for. Steve began his last round of chemo. Yeah!! Hopefully, it won’t be too tough a week. Went to the prosthetist and did some more measuring and fitting for his socket. Using a hydraulic knee, he did walk on the parallel bars. He said it feels like he is standing on a stick and when the knee bends, it feels like it snaps. We are thinking the C leg will feel differently and be easier. After getting his blood checked, and seeing the oncologist, Steve was admitted back on 5B at Fairview and then a trip to cardiology for an echo and to see the specialist. There has been no further heart damage so that was good to hear.We headed back to his hospital room and found an exciting surprise–sister Kathy had come in and decorated his room so nicely to celebrate the last round of chemo.

(ben crockett)

I hung out with Steve in Meritcare on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Saturday was kind of strange. When I got there, his temperature was down, but spiked up around 3 degrees to 102.6 in about 30 minutes. Weird stuff. He got out Tuesday and I went to see him and Libby at his apartment that night. Just hung out and had a beer. Was good to have him back around.

(mom [carla])

Glen and Steve returned to Fargo around suppertime, but by around 10 pm Steve and Libby were in the Meritcare ER. Steve was running a temperature, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc. He was admitted to the 7th floor at Meritcare Hospital. The Minneapolis doctors were in close contact with the Fargo medical personnel so Steve was able to follow the same protocol–more antibiotics, more blood, & many lab tests! He was discharged Tuesday noon–hopefully he can have some quality days before starting chemo again next Monday in Minneapolis. We are looking forward to some tasty fish at the benefit to be held Sunday January 22 from 11-2 at the Masonic Center in Langdon.

(mom [carla])

Steve began his last course of chemo last night. Hopefully it will really be his LAST!! It was delayed because of mucositis (mouth sores and infection). This last course went somewhat smoother than the previous ones so we are hopeful about this one. He also went to the prosthetist and began the preliminary measurements for his prosthetic leg. Exciting!!

Steve was able to be out of the hospital over Christmas even though he wasn’t feeling the best. Christmas Eve Libby & Steve were with the Gruber’s and Christmas Day our whole family was together at Kathy & Chadd’s. Several ATO brothers and other friends have visited lately and Steve really enjoyed seeing you. Thanks also for the Christmas greetings.

Libby will be starting this semester back at NDSU so things will be more complicated for appointments, etc. Our “little angel” will be missed alot when she is not in Minneapolis, but hopefully it won’t be too long until Steve can return to Fargo and travel back and forth for medical appointments.