The past two weeks have gone by with hardly a problem. The chemo drug Steve received in mid-September (called Cisplatin) knocked him out, but the last two weeks Steve has gotten Methotrexate, which is pretty easy for him to take – the only side-effect being possible mouth sores and a little nausea. After Cisplatin Steve stared losing the bit of hair he got back after surgery, so his mom got the honor of shaving his head! Not an easy task, let me tell you.

Steve got to spend about 5 days at home, where he got to know our new cat, Persnickity aka Percy. He is the friendliest cat he’s ever seen, and he even likes to play fetch! He likes Llibby best tho. We ate pizza, tacos and ice cream: Steve has been steadily gaining weight back, however he is still 30 lbs less than when he came to the hospital in April.

We’re currently in the hospital awaiting discharge, and hope to spend the weekend relaxing before Cisplatin starts again Monday. We’ve been on a different floor than usual, 7D. This is a change of scenery from bright colors and crying babies that we had before on the Children’s floor. We even had a quiet roomate up here.

Every day seems to be getting more normal, but we still have a long road to go. We’re both excited for the GoSteve fundraiser this weekend and will be with you in spirit on that day. We listened to the radio spot on Froggy 99.com and were impressed that the event is getting such good coverage. Thanks Brandon, Stacy and Liz! And thanks to all those who helped out!