(mom [carla])

This last month has been a time of stump healing (very slowly). His last stitches were removed and he was able to begin his chemo treatments again. On Sept 6, he was admitted back into the hospital and while he was getting his chemo drugs he slept a lot–waking up long enough to vomit. He was able to go back to the apartment but after a few days needed to have home infusion come to get IV’s going. Then on Friday Sept 16th, Steve ended up back in the hospital with mouth sores ( a side effect of the chemo drugs). Besides treating the infection, he is also on TPN and lipids (food in the IV bags). The plan is to have 4 courses of chemo now after surgery so there is still a long stretch ahead. The exciting part is Steve has been to see the prosthetist a few times, and was able to find out more about prosthetic legs and what technology has to offer!

(drew paris)

Derek and I visited Steve for a couple of hours this afternoon. He was in really good shape physically – he’s not bald anymore and he even has his beard back! Unfortunately he will probably be losing it again soon, once this new round of chemo takes hold. He’s doing pretty well, but it’s hard to see the light at the end of tunnel – if you know what I mean.

He said he and Libby’s apartment was nice and that it’s a pretty good neighborhood – even though it’s in North Mpls. The thing that sucks is that he is still learning to get around on his own – and that takes time. He can’t be outside that much because the drugs he’s taking make him sensitive to the sun – so he’s pretty much inside all day.

We all laughed and joked around for awhile, which was nice. I hope it lifted his sprits some. As always, keep the calls and visits coming.

(steve collins)

Saw Steve this past weekend. He’s doing quite well. He gets sick from time to time from all the pills he’s taking. The chalky, pill taste builds up and doesn’t agree with him. His leg is healing, but he still has some phantom limb pain. He starts chemo again this coming Tuesday. His mom, sisters, and nieces were also down there visiting for the weekend.

Steve was his usual, witty self and is in great spirits. He’s very interested with what’s happening in Fargo with his friends at NDSU. Please call or email to keep him up-to-date with what’s going on. He’s also curious about the upcoming GO STEVE beanie caps.