Steve is currently out of the hospital, and staying at the Town Place Suites in downtown Minneapolis. His second round of chemo went LOADS better than the last one. He got sick a few times and didn’t eat for a few days, but now he is eatin like normal (almost). His cast is pissing him off, but overall things are right on schedule. The only downfall about not being in the hospital is someone has to be with him 24-7. Hopefully this weekend Steve’s mom will take some time off and go up to their cabin on Ottertail lake: she deserves a good relaxation.

The new address for Steve is: Steve “Billy-Ray” Symons Town Place Suites, Room 131 525 North Second Street Minneapolis, MN 55401

(danielle [hagner] paulus)

Saturday, June 25th & Sunday, June 26th:

Ken and I went to see steve this weekend. He is doing great and is making lots of jokes.

Steve will be moving to a permanent hotel for the next two months(at a low rate of $50 dollars, which is way better than hospital stay prices) and will continue to go though treatments.

The day we were there he had taken a stroll around the hospital, and was eating Dairy Queen Blizzards.

Steve said that Libby and him eat out often(about 2 a day) so if good ideas for them is gift certificates to fast food places.


a few days ago, steve was informed that his broken leg has healed. (which is by all means good, they didn’t think it would happen, with cancer and all.) he was put into a ‘spika’ cast, which is his whole left leg (minus the toes and heel) all the way up to his mid-section and accross, sumo style. at first it was pretty lame. he was crabby; it’s apparently hard to not sit up with a protruding object diggin into your back. on a side note steve especially liked when they took the 1/4″ dia. pin out of his bone. his exact words were “libby, look how much it bled.” gross.

but things have turned around a little. on saturday steve walked. it was good to see him taller than me again. he’s got his own sweet walker, and wheelchair. so we took a joy ride down by the river. after chemo this week they are sending him home.

‘home’ tho, is a problem. we’ve got no where to stay. (my house certainly isn’t handicap accessible) we’ve leased an apartment for august on, but till then we’re homeless. so while we’re working that out here’s an address for me and steve permanently:

Libby & Steve 763 Nebraska Ave. W. Saint Paul, MN 55117

(from Debbie Johnson-ATO Parents Club)

My husband and I were in Minneapolis for the weekend, went to see Steve on Sunday morning. He was in great spirits I thought. Very upbeat. He mentioned that the doctors want him to have 3000 calories per day, so he is supposed to eat alot of pizza, burgers, etc. He also showed me the ATO Annual report that Brandon had brought down on Friday, and he was very impressed with that, and very happy that Brandon had brought it down. I put together a small care package with some high calorie and high fat treats in it, and sent it down to Steve on Monday, so hopefully he can enjoy that before he starts his next round of chemo. He seemed very happy that we had stopped, as I think he is a little on the lonesome side.

(from Steve Collins)

Saturday, June 11th & Sunday, June 12th:

Steve’s doing well. The chemo medicine he’s on right now isn’t making him sick. He’s his usual chipper self.

His birthday is coming up in less than a month (July 9th). It would be great if people could send a bunch of birthday card, E-cards, gifts, phone calls, visits, etc… It would be a huge boost for him if everyone remembered him on his birthday.

(mom [carla])

Happy 22nd Birthday to Steve. He had a good day (under the circumstances). Libby and Mom decorated the room and Steve was even able to eat some KFC chicken (his favorite) and some birthday cake. He enjoyed all the visitors as well as the birthday greetings, cards, and gifts.

(from Drew Paris)

Stopped by and saw Steve at the hosptial this afternoon. His mom is now back in the Cities for awhile, so she was in the room with him as well. Libby is still staying with him at the hospital. She is only a 20 minute bus ride from her job downtown Minneapolis. Steve seemed to be in great spirits when I saw him, so keep up the calls and visits.

He finally got his laptop computer setup, and he was busy playing Doom 3. Nice new computer – Dell XPS Laptop with all the bells and whistles. He’d probably appreciate any new games people can send/get him. The only problem is he has terrible internet access, so he can’t do online gaming. Also some games that need internet access (Half Life 2) won’t work at all (at least that’s what he said).

Also, Steve is back to eating normal food again for the past week or so, although his stomach has shrunk considerably after not eating solid food for 1+ months, so he gets full easily. His doctors want him to have 3000 calories a day! So if you visit, call and ask him what food you can bring for him. His doctors seriously told him not to waste time with vegtables and fruits, and just get a lot of fat and protein. Basically pizza, hamburgers, burritos, etc. are good. Since they took him off the IV feed, he needs those calories.

Also, they have him on these “Boost” health shake in a can things. Remember those from like 1993? They look terrible, if someone has a better suggestion please get them for him. I think he can keep them in his fridge and have those instead (make sure you ask him first).

This is basically the first time he’s felt normal in a long while. I suppose it will be this way until his next Chemo intake. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as last time. Again, keep up the calls, packages, and visits.

(from Mike Rybak)

Steve wasn’t able to start his lastest part of chemo because the enzymes in his liver were out of wack. So he’s been waiting for 8 days and hoping that today he’ll be able to get going again. Beyond that his spirits are still high and his appetite is back to normal. He hasn’t been on any of much pain medicine recently or any much medicine at all which has left him in his clearest state of mind since he’s been there.

He talks about how hard it is to be in the hospital and you can see his emotions go up and down in the hours you spend talking with him but he continually says that the only way that he is getting through this is with the support that we’ve given him. Everything from the letters, to visits, to emails, to phone calls all help him.