(from Mike Rybak)

Steve hasn’t thrown up from this chemo yet, and he is still feeling good and gaining his appetite. They were giving him 3000 calories a day through the IVs when he wasn’t eating, now he’s down to 850. Visit him whenever you can. He gets really bored not being able to leave his bed and loves it when we stop by to support him.

(from Ben Crockett)

Wednesday, May 25th – Saturday, May 28th:

When I got there Wednesday Steve was feeling pretty much normal, aside from being stuck in his bed that is. On Thursday, Steve’s mom had to go back home. That night he started chemo again. He was warned about the posibility of developing mouth and throat sores with this batch. He has to take good care of his mouth and brush his teeth often. They also have him drink some not so tasty medicines to coat his throat every four hours. He felt a little queazy when they initially started the chemo but didn’t have much trouble sleeping. On Friday, he still felt really good. He felt very little mouth or throat irritation, and hasn’t thrown up for several days. They are starting to cut back on his IV and he is regaining his appetite. He had some pizza and chicken yesterday. When I left today (Saturday), he was still feeling good. So, things are looking up for now. He will have chemo again next Thursday and that will complete his first “round”.

(from Mike Rybak)

Steve is in great spirits as he is starting to feel like eating again. The sooner he feels better the sooner his next round of chemo can start and he can get the heck out of the hospital.

Steve’s mom in now in town indefinitely to be with him when Libby is at work during the day.

(from Eric Jerke)

Rodney and I went to visit Steve, he was in really good spirits. We talked for a couple of hours and he was very upbeat the entire time. He was a little dissappointed that he couldn’t start his next session of chemo because he is on antibiotics for his fungal infection. He said he hasn’t thrown up since Wednesday and that he feels a lot better. He is really hoping on Monday or Tuesday they will start his next Chemotherapy session.

He still hasn’t eaten. He doesn’t even feel hungry because they are injecting him with an IV of “food”. His hair was falling out pretty badly and he was getting hair all over his sheets so they shaved his head on Thursday or Friday. He said that he moves around a lot so he is getting a good upper body work out. As for his legs, he had a physical therapy person in for the first time last week and will most likely come in once or twice a week from now on. On a bad note, he will not leave the bed he is on until his surgery.

Steve mentioned that out of his classes, 2 of them gave him grades of an ‘A’. Libby also said 2 of her classes gave her an ‘A’. He said that he has until halfway through next semester to finish his classes. He also said that he has no motivation to open up his school books to study. Who could blame him.

One thing I didn’t know until I went to visit him was that Libby literally stays with him in a cot next to his bed. I thought this very awesome of the hospital. As of right now his surgery to remove the tumor is scheduled to occur in August. He is hoping that he will be able to come to homecoming.

He really likes having visitors, and the best way to find out if it is a good time to visit is to call Libby @ 651-216-9366. Please keep him in your prayers.

(from Josh Malnourie)

Still doing well, no major changes in status.

Today Steve’s friends, Adam, Cassie, and Mike, came to visit. We watched the American Idol Rejects show(which was WAY funny), and it was great to see Steve laughing and having a good time.

If your schedule allows you to visit during the daylight hours, that is great, as many others are at work during the day, and that time can be boring.

Chemo will not commence until mid-late next week. Stay tuned.

(from Josh Malnourie)

The endoscopy showed what appears to be some fungal growth right above his stomach in the lower part of his throat. This seems to explain the constant vomiting and soreness that Steve has been experiencing. This also means that the Chemo treatment has been delayed at least one week. Steve is on anti-fungal medication right now for this, and it will be monitored to ensure it goes away.

Sounds like Steve will be moving rooms soon, as they are remodeling the section of rooms that Steve is in now. More info to come in the next week.

Timberwolves cheerleaders were visiting folks in the hospital today. However, they were not able to stop in and visit Steve in his room. This didn’t really bother Steve at all, but Glenn and I were pretty disappointed as Glenn had his camera ready

Today for the first time certain food smells were pretty bothersome to Steve. So if you can help it, don’t bring in a juicy steak to eat in front of him, as that smell (or others) could make him feel ill. (not to mention it’s mean as Steve has not been able to eat anything for over 2 weeks!

no vomiting today (so far – yesterday he vomited right around midnight)

4 weeks down ~30 to go!

(from Josh Malnourie)

Endoscopy Wed 10:30am, chemo to follow after

John Hoven (ND governor) sent Steve a get well card today. Awesome!

Steve’s hair is falling out a lot more now. Libby got him a pretty sweet beanie to wear once that process is done.

Sounds like the benefit dinner in Langdon on Sunday raised about $10,000! Nice work!

No throwing up today. Hurray!

Steve was playing some grand theft auto 3 today on the playstation, so he is feeling pretty darn good right now.

Still no food going down, but it sounds like Steve is taking a total of 250ml of liquids (meds, etc) every hour now. That’s a LOT!

(from Mike Rybak)

Steve has his first day in since his first round of chemo where he didn’t throw up.

He still didn’t eat any food for fear that he wouldn’t be able to keep it down and it would irriatate his throat further.

Right now his has an endoscopy planned for 10:30AM on Wednesday to take a look to see if there’s anything wrong with his throat beyond just irriatation and his next round of chemo is scheduled to start later that day.

A couple friends came down from Fargo to visit Steve and Libby today and with them they brought some gifts including some gift certificates.

If you’re planning on visiting Steve this summer he usually goes to bed around 8 or 9 at night so try not to show up then. Also Libby started an internship 2 miles away from the hospital and is gone from about 8am to 6pm so if you’re around the cities then stop by to keep Steve company and fetch him stuff around the room.

(from Josh Malnourie)

Steve continues to feel better than ever!

Today Steve was able to eat some soup ok, but once he tried to eat some starburst candy, he vomited again (from now on I officially boycot starburst). So, still no luck with keeping food down.

Doctors visited today and said that unless something drastic happens, there will be an endoscopy performed on Tuesday to see why Steve’s stomach/throat is so irritated.

The next round of Chemo is right now slated to begin on Wednesday. Remember to keep Steve in your thoughts during the Chemo treatments.

Not much else to say except it sounds like Steve is feeling much better, and is in good spirits. I wasn’t able to talk with him in person today, as the benadryl he gets puts him to sleep pretty well.